YAMH Supporting teachers and youth workers to promote and protect Youth Mental Health at School

Description of the project

The YAMH Project aims to support teachers and youth workers to protect and promote youth mental health in schools by developing training contents for professionals to enable them to protect and support youth mental health in schools, tackle risks and support their well-being as well.

Call Name

KA220-SCH – Cooperation Partnerships in School Education

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Partners (Country)

Start Date



24 Months

Aim of the Project

YAMH’s aim is to support School Teachers and Youth Workers to promote and protect Youth Mental Health through the innovative life-skills approach, endorsed by the WHO, to:
– Raise awareness of key mental health issues and disorder’s early signs
– Combat the stigma on mental health disorders enhancing the help-seeking
– Contribute to building up resilience at school addressing (a) social and interpersonal skills (communication, refusal skills, assertiveness, and empathy), (b) cognitive skills (decision making, critical thinking and self-evaluation) and (c) emotional coping skills (stress management, anger management and self-control).

Project Activities

Three project results are planned to be developed during the project life cycle:

  • A structured set of competencies based on EU standards and methods in Youth Mental Health promotion and protection at School through the life-skills approach (PR1 ECVET Curriculum).
  • An ICT-based educational instrument to upskill school teachers and youth workers in YMH promotion and protection, including an Online Digital Database, Theoretical and Pedagogical Basis and a Blended learning course (PR2 Online Platform).
  • A Policy set of recommendations to facilitate transferability and replicability of the project results in intermediaries and organizations working in the area (PR3 Guidelines and recommendations).
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