WELCOME - Workplace Enriched Language Course for Migrant Education

Description of the project

The WELCOME project provides answers to questions on how to support the integration of asylum seekers/migrants who have abandoned their vocational training due to migration through the combination of language training and vocational training necessary for the education, qualification and integration of newly arrived migrants, and how to overcome the systemic changes they are experiencing in their new countries.

Call Name

European Union Education and Youth Programmes Erasmus+ Programme Main Action III – Support for Policy Reform

Project Number​



Partners (Country)

Start Date



24 Months

Aim of the Project

The aim of the WELCOME project is to support immigrants working in the construction sector to adapt to society and business life through the implementation of vocational language training.

Project Activities

  • Preparation of a joint report on existing language courses and vocational training for newly arrived immigrants
  • Development of curriculum recommendations
  • Preparation of methodology guide
  • Conducting evaluation meetings with relevant stakeholders and making updates according to the survey results
  • Carrying out lobbying activities and dissemination activities
  • WELCOME A Report on Experience Exchange: Language projects and vocational training for newly arrived immigrants
  • WELCOME Stakeholder Database
  • First WELCOME workshop: Practice exchange
  • WELCOME Methodology Guide for workplace enriched language training in the construction industry 
  • WELCOME ECVET Curriculum Recommendations for VET providers and stakeholders
  • WELCOME Policy Recommendations for public authorities

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