SOVET - Social Entrepreneurshıp As An Alternatıve For Young Unemployed

Description of the project

So-VET is a special project that specifically aims to develop social entrepreneurship as an alternative to people who are neither in employment nor in education/training (NEETs) and youth unemployment. In particular, social entrepreneurship is shown as a solution to youth unemployment. With the So-VET project, it is a project to develop distance education modules specifically for this subject in order to direct young people to social entrepreneurship.

Call Name

European Union Erasmus+ Program Key Action 2 Cooperation Partnerships in Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Project Number​



Partners (Country)

Start Date



24 Months

Aim of the Project

The main purpose of the project is to develop and enrich the vocational education and training process with more effective and efficient courses in terms of social entrepreneurship, to increase the participation and effectiveness of young people in social entrepreneurship, thus contributing to the reduction of unemployment.

Project Activities

  1. Preparation of social entrepreneurship status report in partner countries
  2. Examining the content of social entrepreneurship trainings implemented in partner countries
  3. Development of the training curriculum by experts
  4. Testing of training content by experts
  5. Preparation of the distance education platform and testing its functionality
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