Refuskills - Qualification Assessments for Refugee Training and Employment: Fasttrack with ECVET and Skillsbank

Description of the project

Although the issue of migration is an extremely important problem for EU countries, the migration of qualified people brings along different problems. For example, for an immigrant, the declaration of documents, skills, qualifications and certificates is of great importance. The Refuskills project uses the experiences and system of Skillsbank (a project where skills are identified and detailed) to meet the urgent needs for rapid competency assessment and expression for refugees and other migrants.

Call Name

European Union Erasmus+ Program Key Action 2 Cooperation Partnerships In Vocational Education And Training (VET)

Project Number​



Partners (Country)

Start Date



28 Months

Aim of the Project

The main purpose of the project is to document the knowledge, skills, abilities and certificates of immigrants and refugees, thus facilitating their involvement in business life and obtaining data about themselves in the countries they host. In this direction, the final goal of the project is to establish a database and a system where these skills will be recorded.

Project Activities

  1. Report on the situation of immigrants in partner countries
  2. Key competences and skills identified for occupations suitable for immigrants
  3. Check matrix of whether the skills obtained through on-the-job training or learning by doing correspond to the chosen occupations

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