RE-VET European Training Curriculum for Restoration Workers

Description of the project

The REVET Project aims to provide training opportunities for restoration workers to improve their education and skills in their field through an online platform.

Call Name

European Union Erasmus+ Program Key Action 2 Cooperation Partnerships in Vocational Education And Training

Project Number​



Partners (Country)


Start Date



36 Months

Aim of the Project

The aim of the project is to contribute to the improvement of the professional skills of low-skilled workers in the field of restoration in order to contribute to the protection of the European Cultural heritage.

Project Activities

  • Preparation of a European qualifications framework: Establishing a general framework of qualifications by setting out the skills acquired in the training available in partner countries.
  • Defining the training curriculum: Preparing a training curriculum in accordance with the competencies framework obtained in step one.
    Preparation of training content: Preparation of training content for the needs of low-skilled restoration workers in accordance with the prepared training curriculum
  • Development of rich content: Preparation of visual materials to support the prepared training content
  • Preparation of a guide for integration into vocational training: Preparation of guidelines for the integration of the training to be prepared into the vocational training curricula in partner countries.
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