Mi Window

Description of the project

The Mi Window project is designed to psychologically support and integrate migrant children via school but it will also support any school child or individual with early life trauma for whatever reason. Trauma is an unavoidable part of the human condition it knows no borders and its consequences are extremely costly to society and to human life. Being trauma informed should never be overlooked as it is integral to societal stability and health.

Call Name

Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for School Education

Project Number​



Partners (Country)

Start Date



36 Months

Aim of the Project

The Mi Window Project aims to strengthen the adaptation of preschool children (5 years old) of migrant families to their country of origin and the education system and to ensure their social inclusion.

Project Activities

  • A Digital Database of Parasympathetic Activities for Trauma Awareness and Learning Environments
  • Developmental Trauma Training Curriculum
  • Mi Window Online Training Content for Teachers on Trauma
  • Mi Window Trauma Guide for Teachers and Parents
  • Mi Window Animation e Worksheets

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