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Description of the project

It is a mobility project that aims to support the competence of youth workers in the fight against substance abuse and their active participation in the process.

Call Name

Erasmus Programme Main Action I Individual Mobility of Youth Workers

Project Number​



Partners (Country)

Start Date



12 Months

Aim of the Project

With the project, it is aimed that youth workers gain the knowledge and skills to provide individual support according to the needs of young people and to apply intervention techniques that can minimize the risk of relapse in stages such as identifying young people at risk of addiction, increasing the willingness to treat addicted young people and supporting the rehabilitation process.

Project Activities

  • Coordination meeting and information flow.
  • Providing basic information training to the participants on issues such as addiction and communication with young people, substance abuse in young people.
  • The process of transferring the knowledge and experience gained in the process of the study trip to other youth employees of the institution, establishing a certain standard.
  • In order to contribute to the effective and efficient projects of the participating institutions on the subject, each institution should prepare and present at least 1 project that is suitable for the study trip, will last at least 3 and at most 6 months and evaluated by swot analysis method.
  • Organizing evaluation meetings, workshops and seminars to be held after the study trip.
  • Creation of the overall evaluation report.
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Project Brochure
  • Project Information Booklet
  • Project Web Site

Web Sites

Social Media Accounts

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